why a blog – and why now.

let me begin by saying – although i like to write, i can’t promise that i am a good writer.

for too long i have wanted to write more. my imagination is a wild place and i have so many ideas for things i would love to share with the world. stories, anecdotes, lessons and ideas all swirl around in my head constantly and i’ve never been in a place where i felt i had the time or space to get them out.

then, earlier this year, i found a job that paid enough for me to live on, that was close to home, that aligned reasonably well with my career goals. for the first time in a long time i was not plagued with a lengthy commute, outrageous working hours or a job that left me feeling depleted.

six months later and i know that it’s time for me to make space in my life to see if i my writing is something that others want to read. although i am currently in the (very) early stages of some projects that will (hopefully) be so much more than this blog, i want to start sharing now.

and so – she likes to write. my plan for this blog is simple: write things and hopefully, others will want to read them. what will those things be? well, i guess a mixture of all the things i have mentioned above – stories, anecdotes, lessons – along with thoughts, and probably some recipes thrown in for good measure.

my only ask of you, dear reader is this – i would love it if you would take the time to share your feedback with me.

if you read something you like – let me know.

if you want to provide a critique of my writing – definitely let me know.

if you read something that doesn’t land well with you – 100%, let me know.

the purpose of this blog is to help me grow as a writer and so, i definitely want to know what i’m getting right and what’s not working.

if you want to get in touch with me in a less public setting – hit me up at ashleigh.likes.to.write@gmail.com


– A